A Message from Pathfinder’s Communications Manager on Connecting to Holiday Resources

Dear Pathfinder Pals,

It’s already the Holiday Season, the most wonderful time of the year! There are countless reasons to celebrate, with back-to-back holidays, from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah through Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, Disability Awareness Days, and every day in between. Connecting individuals with disabilities and their families to resources during the holiday season is important.

At Pathfinder, we care so much for you, your families, and the disability community. It is our mission to share information that helps individuals with disabilities and their families connect in all aspects of life. So, whether you are spending time with family, friends, or alone during the upcoming holidays, we hope that the resource information in this issue of The Compass helps make your holidays accessible, inclusive, and memorable.

Have a wonderfully blessed holiday season!

Best Wishes,

Sheena Adams-Avery, CDT, CDP
Communications Manager
Certified Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Trainer
Tennessee Disability Pathfinder