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Hello. I am looking for information on how an older person can get a break on their property tax. I’m calling for a friend I met through one of my volunteer jobs. I know he is struggling with a very limited income and the costs of more medical care and additional prescriptions. I think he said he is going to be 67 years old, and he told me he lives in Jacksboro, which is Campbell County.  One of my uncles had mentioned a property tax program to me years ago, when he helped my grandmother with it, after my grandfather died. Can you help me find out if it still exists?


Yes! Pathfinder is glad to help you find government programs and any other resources you are seeking.

There are actually two programs that can help an elderly person save some money on their property taxes – the statewide Tax Relief program, and in some counties and cities which approved it, there is also the Tax Freeze program. For both programs applications are made with your local county trustee, and have to be done every year, and the property has to be the primary residence of the homeowner. The Tax Relief Program applications are sent from the local trustee to the Tennessee Comptroller for the Treasury office for evaluation. If your friend qualifies for both programs, the local trustee’s office can help him figure out which program makes the most sense for his situation.

In every county, the Tax Relief program is for four groups of homeowners: low-income homeowners over age 65; low-income homeowners with permanent disability; homeowners who are veterans with disability; and surviving spouses of veterans with disability, who are homeowners.  Here is the most current brochure from the comptroller’s website. You can download, print and give it to your friend.


For low-income elderly homeowners and homeowners who have a disability, the maximum annual income limit in Campbell County or any of the 95 Tennessee counties is $31,600 from all sources. The maximum market value on which the tax relief is calculated is $30,000.

For homeowners who are veterans with a disability, or surviving spouses, there is no maximum income limit, and the maximum market value on which tax relief is calculated is $175,000.

The second program has been approved in certain counties and municipalities. Here’s that list.

Where approved, the tax freeze opportunity is for a person age 65 and older who meets the income limit for that county or city jurisdiction. The program basically freezes one’s property tax amount at the level when the application is first approved. The freeze applies only to a property or portion of a property that is for residential use.

In Campbell County, the annual income limit from all sources (Social Security, pensions, income from a spouse, etc.) is $31,600. The freeze means that the property tax bill will remain the same despite future increases in assessments unless there are improvements made. If improvements are made, the assessment and amount of taxes are adjusted to reflect the increase in base value.

You can find all the details about the tax freeze program here, including the Frequently Asked Questions section:

If you need help locating a local county trustee’s office, check here.

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