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My six-year-old son needs more help than I can afford I think, and he needs more than what he gets at school. He has a developmental delay, and he has been receiving occupational and physical therapy. Thankfully we get some Family Support Program dollars that I use to pay a caregiver who helps with carrying him to these therapy visits after school. Now his pediatrician has recommended speech therapy too, but I don’t know how I am going to pay for it. I know this won’t be forever, and he does get some therapies at school but it is for such a short period of time and only once a week if the therapists are there.  I am a single parent, and I am already working full-time and caring for my two older children. I cannot get a second job.  My employer insurance has a limit on the number of therapy visits covered, and unfortunately, we have met that limit.


I am so glad you called. There is a foundation where you can apply for a grant to help with your son’s medical and disability-related expenses. It is the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.

A parent can apply online (on their computer not phone) for a grant of up to $5,000 for a 12-month period. If an application is approved the money can be used for medical expenses within 60 days before the application was deemed complete, and up to a year after approval (if not previously spent).  In other words, do not wait very long after a major or ongoing non-covered expense occurs, to apply. A family can make repeated applications to help with other medical expenses for the child in following years, if they have not reached the $10,000 lifetime maximum.

Eligibility requirements as well as exclusions, required documents and FAQ are listed on their website.

Here are some of the more important eligibility requirements: The medical service for which the grant is needed must be for a child who is age 16 or less. The child must have a Social Security number. The child’s primary insurance must be a commercial insurance such as from an employer or privately purchased. The primary insurance must not be TennCare, although the child could have TennCare as a secondary insurance. And for a family of four, the size of yours, the 1040 documented income for the most recent tax year must be under $115,000.

You can always Call Pathfinder! 1-800-640-4636

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