Call Pathfinder: GoVoteTN is the App for That

GoVote TN Voter App

Caller:  Hello. I want to vote this year, and my friend is going to give me a ride to the place. But I haven’t ever been, and we are not sure how to get there or really, when to get there. Oh, and what do we need to take? Both of us are already registered, and we live in Oak Ridge, in Anderson County.

Pathfinder: Great questions!
First of all, you have to have a state or federal photo ID when you go to vote in person. From the Secretary of State’s official election website, required-when-voting
Any of the following IDs may be used, even if expired:

  • Tennessee driver license with your photo
  • United States Passport
  • Photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security • Photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state government
  • United States Military photo ID
  • Tennessee handgun carry permit with your photo

Do you have a smart phone or tablet? If so, you can get an official state App for voting information, for either an Apple or an android device. It is called GoVoteTN, and one can use it to find the answer to just about any voting question. In addition to Polling Locations, it covers: Online Voter Registration (you have to be registered by Oct. 5 to vote in the Nov. 3 election); a link to your county Election Commission’s website where you can find the early voting days, times, and locations; the candidates for each race; the name and contact information to all the elected officials currently serving; and it links to the Secretary of State’s website. On the website you will find even more detail, for example, you can find rules for absentee voting, a series of short FAQ videos or written answers, and a calendar of important dates.

I have been using the GoVoteTN app since downloading it about a week ago. I pulled up Polling Locations for my county, after I entered my Voter Information: my street address and zip code and then hit Submit. And sure enough, it displayed the name and address of the school where persons in my area vote, if they are voting in person.

But don’t wait any longer; go ahead and check out the app and get your questions answered. Take any needed action today and ensure that you can and will vote in the Nov. 3 election.