Connecting to Food Resources

A multi-photo collage image with different foods. Text center of image on a dark faded color block says, "Food for THANKSGIVING."

While we each are so grateful for so many things during this season, let us not forget that the holidays are often met with hardships by some families. Not everyone can provide a holiday meal for their family.  Keeping this in mind, several organizations help provide Thanksgiving meals to low-income and struggling families.  Tennessee 2-1-1 is a helpful resource for finding local non-profits in your area that will assist with a hearty Thanksgiving meal.  Also, many local churches provide baskets and meals during the holidays with no requirements. Everyone deserves to enjoy good food with loved ones during the holidays.

Here are some food provision programs to assist families with support:

Food Pantry Programs

Click this link to access a list of food pantries in Tennessee.


Click this link to access a list of organizations in Tennessee that provide meals during the holidays.

Delivered Food Boxes and Meals

Click this link to find organizations in Tennessee that provide deliver food boxes and meals.

Nutrition and Food Preparation

Click this link in search of nutrition and food preparation programs.

Food Stamps (SNAP) and WIC

Click this link to find programs that will assist you with applying for SNAP and WIC.

Other Food Resources

There are several other food resources that may be available to assist you during your holidays. Click this link to access these programs.

Before arriving at any of these organizations, please contact the provided organizations for details of their services. If you need help finding any resources, feel free to call Pathfinder at (800) 640-4636.

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder offers a growing library of disability resources 
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