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Holiday Grief Support for All Ages at Alive

The holidays can be challenging for those who have lost a loved one. Alive’s Grief Center is hosting FREE support groups and special holiday events for anyone in the community who is grieving and/or supporting someone who is.

View our upcoming schedule below, or visit for our full calendar. Please register in advance so we have an accurate headcount.

Questions? please call 615-963-4732 or email


Cover image of Tennesse Disability Coalitions' Disabilithy Etiquette Guide

Check our Tennessee Disability Coalition’s NEW Disability Etiquette Guide!

The way we speak about, and to, people with disabilities matters. Every person with a disability has a unique experience. Even people with the same disability often have individual needs and experiences. So, with the unique nature of the disability community, and the fact that language is ever-evolving, it would be impossible to cover everything. But lucky for you, we have the perfect place for you to start!

The Tennessee Disability Coalition’s new, highly anticipated Disability Etiquette Guide is officially here! The Disability Etiquette Guide is to help equip and empower everyone; whether you’re a part of the disability community or not.

Click here to access the guide.

The guide is available in English, Spanish, TXT, and Large Print on our website. Braille copies are available upon request.