Election 2020: Vote Early, Vote Safely

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COVID-19 has complicated all aspects of our lives, especially those of us with disabilities. And voting is no exception.

This voting season, let the Tennessee Disability Coalition (TDC) be your resource for all things #DisabilityVoteTN.

This voting season, let the Tennessee Disability Coalition (TDC) be your resource for all things #DisabilityVoteTN. From election deadline reminders, to FAQ’s on absentee voting in Tennessee, or even guidance on voting in-person and doing it safely; the TDC is proud to be your 2020 election headquarters.

We’ve put together some great guidance and information for Tennesseans with disabilities to make informed decisions, and safely cast their ballot. Whether you plan to vote absentee, vote in-person, or just want to know your rights under the law; count on us to be your 2020 election headquarters for all things related to voting with a disability in Tennessee.

Simply text 2020 to 615-808-VOTE (8683) and we’ll text up back with a couple brief questions about your voting plans. After, you’ll be directed to a comprehensive collection of election resources specifically tailored for Tennesseans with disabilities.

Maybe you don’t know if you’re already registered but need to find out. We have info for that. Maybe you’re not, and you need to get registered. We’ve got you covered there, too. We’ve also compiled a great list of your rights as a voter with a disability, and who to contact if those rights are violated.

Alongside our member organization and friends at Disability Rights Tennessee (DRT), we’ve even put together a quick three-minute video of the hand-down most important things you need to know when voting absentee this year. DRT’s Public Policy and Voting Attorney Brian Keller walks viewers through the need-to-know essentials (he says there’s only five!) for getting a ballot, filling it out, and sending it back – all in about 3.5 minutes time. (Pro Tip: Do it EARLY!)

It’s no secret to those of us living our lives with disabilities: A great deal of policy decisions disproportionately impact people with disabilities. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But in either case, it’s important we stay informed, aware, positive – and most of all – united.

With close to one in three Tennesseans having a disability, (collectively 1.6 million!), we’re not just a force to be reckoned with. We’re almost a third of the state electorate, so when we speak, move, advocate and vote as one, we tell our legislators, our communities, and our state, we’re #inthistogetherTN.


The Tennessee Disability Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individuals joined to promote the full and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of life. www.tndisability.org

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