Financial Empowerment

Financial security is a vital part of life, and it can be even more challenging when living with a disability. Medical bills, therapeutic devices, and assistive and enabling technology purchases, all can take a toll on an individual or family’s finances. That’s why finding ways to supplement income or creating financial plans is so important.

The Nashville Financial Empowerment Center offers no-cost, financial counseling to all Davidson County residents.

Formed as part of a partnership of the Mayor’s Office and United Way of Greater Nashville, the Nashville Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) helps people empower people by teaching them new savings habits, gain higher credit scores, and lower debt burdens. Since opening its doors in 2013, the Nashville FEC has helped 8,400 clients reduce their debt by $21.8 million and increase their savings by $3.8 million.

Becoming financially empowered means you can save for an emergency, purchase a car or a home, gain higher education to improve your income, or even start a small business. No matter the level of income, or financial difficulty, receiving individualized counseling can help you to move toward greater financial stability.

Financial counselors at FEC can help you with:

  • Planning for your future
  • Establishishing or improving your credit
  • Managing debt
  • Creating a budget or a financial plan
  • Increasing your savings, and
  • Maximizing your cashflow

Counseling with FEC is available in English and Spanish with access to language and translation services in most languages. All sessions are currently remote.

No matter what your financial status, there is help for Tennesseans with disabilities and their families to gain fiancial stability.

To schedule financial counseling visit:

For more information contact (615) 748-3620 or email