Connecting through Awareness & Inclusion – November 2023

Background image of a Thanksgiving meal. Text on the image" "INCLUSION & DISABILITY AWARENESS NOVEMBER 2023."

Disability inclusion means understanding the relationship between how people function and how they participate in society and ensuring everybody has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life to the best of their abilities and desires. To effectively spread awareness and foster inclusion, each month we commemorate and share Disability Awareness information, resources, and celebrations.


Time to help raise awareness and show support for the more than 6.2 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease! Visit our website at and search “Alzheimer’s” to find resources near you. To find out more about Alzheimer’s and how to spread awareness, here’s a great resource.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)  is a term used to describe chronic lung diseases including emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. COPD is (currently) an incurable disease, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, there are many things you can do to breathe better and enjoy life and live for many years. Find out more about COPD here.


Image of several test tubes and two to the front left filled with blue liquid. Below the test tubes is a white sheet of paper with a barcode and text "Dercum Disease Awareness Month," above the barcode and "Specimen Information," below the barcode separated by two lines. Pathfinder's branded graphic is at the top left of the paper.

Dercum’s Disease (Adiposis Dolorosa), a diagnosis that’s not heard much about, is a rare disorder characterized by multiple, painful growths of fatty tissue (lipomas). This Dercum’s Disease Awareness Month, get more information about it and share it with others so they may be informed. Click here.


Diabetes is often misunderstood. The more that we learn about it, the better we can understand how it affects our bodies and people within the disability community. Learn about types of diabetes, its symptoms, and how you can live a healthy life even with this diagnosis from this resource.


Image of a chalk board with a tan wood border. Text on the left of the board, "EPILEPSY AWARENESS MONTH." On the right of the board is a red and silver stethascope. Patfhinder's branded graphic is on the bottom left of the board.

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder where the person affected has surges of electrical activity in the brain that can cause recurring seizures. Learn what action you can take to spread awareness about Epilepsy by clicking this link.


Yellow background image with a graphic of a pair of green lungs with a white ribbon on top on the right side of the image. Text on the left of the image covering the left side of the lungs graphic: "Lung Cancer Awareness Month." Pathfinder's branded graphic is to the top left image."

Fewer than 1 in 7 lung cancer patients will be diagnosed in the earliest stage, when the disease is most treatable. Screening for lung cancer and earlier detection of lung cancer can save lives!

Find out how you can spread awareness about lung cancer and lung cancer screening here.



The month of November provides an opportunity to shine a light on Pancreatic Cancer. Early detection means more treatement options & greater chances of survival. Learn how to spread awareness by clicking on this link.


White and light blue diagnol color block background image. Text on top of image says, "PANCREATIC CANCER / MEN'S HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH." On the bottom of the image is a graphic of the word, "MOVEMBER." Center of the letter 'O' is a light blue mustache.

Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the United States. Know the facts and take action early…MOVE! Learn more about Movember and get the facts about prostate cancer.