Resource Corner – Aging Connections

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Tennessee Disability Pathfinder offers an extensive library of disability and senior care resources available at The Tennessee Commission (TCAD) on Aging and Disability’s Community Resource Guide is a helpful resource for those who may counsel older adults or adults with disabilities on quality of life issues and the changes that accompany aging. The guide… Read more Resource Corner – Aging Connections

ACT for a Career

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Autism Career Training (ACT) provides various programs and supports to prepare young adults with Autism for future career success. Autism Career Training currently serves trainees in the greater Nashville area through a center-based day program, after school social groups and Saturday Fun Club. Autism Career Training was founded by Karen Blake, whose son Matthew, was… Read more ACT for a Career

Teaching Children about Neurodiversity

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As we enter April, it is important to reflect on “Autism Awareness” and how this can and should include “Autism Acceptance” to ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect. An important part of that is understanding the concept of neurodiversity. There are many definitions of neurodiversity, however in general, neurodiversity is the understanding… Read more Teaching Children about Neurodiversity

Call Pathfinder

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What Agencies Diagnose Autism in Adults?  CALLER:  I am tired of hearing my mother and my aunt telling me I probably have autism. They think that some of my personality quirks are similar to some personality characteristics or behaviors they have read about, or maybe they did an online survey; I don’t know.  Is there… Read more Call Pathfinder

Upcoming Events – April 2021

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For these and other events visit our Community Calendar or follow us on social media. April 13: Tuesday Talk with TN Disability Pathfinder on FB Live April 13: Awareness Luncheon (DEAL) April 15: Dedramatizing Disability April 17: Adventure Science Center – Community Birthday Party April 19: Kennedy Center Lecture “Hidden Challenges: Visual and Motor Symptoms in Autism… Read more Upcoming Events – April 2021