About Us

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder (“Pathfinder”) helps people with disabilities, their families, educators, and other professionals find and access resources, support, and services available to meet their needs, We assist individuals of all ages, types of disabilities, and lanaguages spoken.

Information and Referrals

Through a helpline and resources directory, we connect individuals to appropriate community resources. Our diverse staff includes professionals, family members, and/or individuals with disabilities that have many years of experience working in the disability-field. You can access these resources by:

  • Calling our toll-free statewide helpline (800) 640-4636. Staff is available to provide free assistance in English, Spanish, and all other languages through the use of telephone interpretation services.
  • Searching our free resources directory
  • Checking our community events calendar to find out what disability-related events are happening in your area each month. Events often include support group meetings, workshops, recreational activities, fundraisers, and many more types of activities — something for everyone!

Education and Training

Pathfinder facilitates and participates in a variety of educational and outreach opportunities.

  • Trainings/Presentations: Pathfinder staff provide innovative trainings and presentations at a variety of local and statewide workshops and conferences. In addition to sharing information about Pathfinder services, we also address Disability Etiquette and People First Language and Working with Multicultural Populations.
  • Community Education Series: This training and lecture series is our opportunity to work with agencies in the Pathfinder Resources Directory to educate the public on a specific topic and to familiarize them with resources.

Multicultural Outreach Program

The program’s mission is to remove the barriers that many culturally diverse communities find when trying to access disability resources. We also aim to provide cultural awareness, education and training, and case management. Multicultural Outreach includes:

  • Multilingual helpline: Regardless of nationality or language spoken, assistance for individuals with disabilities and their families is just a phone call away.
  • Disability Resource Meetings: Educational and networking opportunities available for parents of children with disabilities and technical assistance available for organizations interested in developing educational support meetings for diverse populations.
  • Disability and Cultural Awareness: To bring a greater understanding of cultural diversity and the specific needs required by people with disabilities, we provide education and training workshops to area groups and agencies.