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Caller:   Hi. I need some help. With the pandemic at-home school experience, I have realized that I am not a very good teacher. Just thinking about school makes me want to plan a vacation. So, my middle daughter is going to need additional help with her math homework. I want to help. She’s starting fourth grade and I’m already nervous about it, and II’m a working single mother with three children.. Last year I tried a tutor who was referred by an acquaintance, but I wasn’t able to afford many sessions. Plus, it was difficult with the to and from transportation with all the kids and the stress of trying to entertain them while my daughter was working with the tutor. This is definitely not working for us! By the way we are in Bolivar. Have you got any other suggestions?

Pathfinder:    We sure do!

First, once school starts, if you notice that your daughter is struggling with her work, scheduling a time to talk with her teacher about it can be very helpful. The classroom teacher may have good ideas for supplemental activities and might offer after-school study times in the classroom.

Another great option for many families, is the Homework Hotline which provides free tutoring to all K-12 students in Tennessee. The tutors are certified teachers or teachers who are retired, and they can work one on one with your child on the phone or virtually.  This will allow your daughter to work with a free tutor on her homework at home. This is a great option for many families.

The Homework Hotline opens Aug. 10, and runs 3-8 p.m. CST, Monday-Thursdays while school is in session. Here are the numbers for the hotline: (615) 298-6636 or (901) 416-1234.

Last year, math was the most tutored subject. Project Director Cameron Clemons shared their 2021-2022 school year numbers: 5,344 of the total 7,564 sessions were math sessions, and Middle School students were the largest population served. About nine percent of the total sessions last school year were with multicultural students. Besides English, Homework Hotline offers help in Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and Farsi.

Operating since 1990, the program primarily tutors in Language Arts/Reading, Math, History/Social Studies, and Science subjects.  Students can also sign up for a regular weekly time slot, and they can work with a group online.

Some school districts financially support the program, and your county Hardeman is one of those on the donor list which also includes Shelby, Davidson, and Dickson School Districts.

You may also like this – – another cool tool to help get you started planning that vacation, is a website that features all the Tennessee school district calendars. You can find your children’s school fall or spring break dates here:

Notice that once you pull up the school district, there is a brief overview calendar. Just click on the 2022-23 Approved Calendar link near the top to get the full details. Of course, you can also find calendars on your child’s school or district sites.

All the Tennessee school district listings are on Pathfinder’s website at and is helpful if you need their contact information. We also have other tutoring options too, depending on where you live, that you can search by your location on the website.  You’re always welcome to call Pathfinder at 1-800-640-4636 for one-on-one resource assistance.

*Questions and scenarios found in the Call Pathfinder column represent questions received by Pathfinder but are not taken from actual Pathfinder calls. Actual resource information provided varies based on the specific situation and needs of each individual.