Message from the Pathfinder Director on Financial Assistance Resources

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Dear Friends of Pathfinder,

With every issue of The Compass, we strive to provide valuable information to meet the needs of Tennesseans with disabilities, their families, and the professionals who support them. This issue is particularly important because it addresses one of the top five consistent needs searched on Pathfinder’s website and communicated by those who contact us directly through our helpline. It’s no surprise considering the added expenses associated with having a disability, so any support provided through financial education, free services, or actual financial assistance can make a difference.

We hope that this issue will make a difference in accessing financial assistance resources. For additional information, we always encourage you to contact us for one-on-one help (800.640.4636) or visit to search for resources.

Best Regards,



Megan Hart, M.Ed.
Program Director
Tennessee Disability Pathfinder