The Compass: Holiday Resources Special Edition

Image with light gray background with a leaves border. To the right of the image is the back of a red truck with fall harvest items in the bed of the truck. "TNP" is in green letters on the license plate. Text on the image: "THE COMPASS HOLIDAY RESOURCES SPECIAL EDITION NOVEMBER 2022." On the bottom right of image is a gray plate with a white pumpkin, yellow flowers and orange leaves. Text on the pumpkin says, "YOUR GUIDE ON THE PATH TO COMMUNITY SERVICES." Pathfinder's branded graphic is to the right of the word "the" and above the word "compass."

November begins the fall and winter holiday celebrations, and holidays can be so much fun for you and your loved ones.  There’s lots of traveling, eating, and shopping to be done. The holidays bring a sense of warmth and hearty laughter amongst family and friends. Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, and Friendsgivings bring lasting memories and heartfelt joy that should never end. However, holidays can be a little tricky without accessibility for all those with different abilities.

Having access to resources that provide accessibility during the holiday season is quite important so that all feel included in the holiday activities. So this month, we’re doing something a little different as a special edition of our newsletter by providing resources that can help our families in the Tennessee Disability Communities. Check out the November issue of The Compass: Holiday Resources Special Edition. It’s our little holiday contribution to guide you on your way to accessible resources during each holiday.