The Compass: Home for the Holidays

Image of a holiday setting on the left of pine twigs, pine coans, a brown paper wrapped present with a red ribbon two white open boxes filled with silver and gold ornaments, candy canes, and a wooden house with a cream, brown and pink scarf wrapped around it's bottom all on the left side of image. At the bottom of the image is a frosted star-shaped gingerbread cookie. On the right of the image is red text: THE COMPASS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS DECEMBER 2022 YOUR GUIDE ON THE PATH TO COMMUNITY SERVICES." Pathfinder's branded graphic is at the top right of image on the right of the word "THE," and above the word "COMPASS."

The holidays are a special time of year that many people enjoy celebrating in the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, that is not always true for those who struggle to find housing and face homelessness. Housing, affordable housing, apartment living, rental properties, and home improvement are some of the toughest resources to acquire for people with disabilities. Not to mention, for a person living with a disability, creating a safe space at home can mean a lot of extra work and money. So we thought it important to provide resource information that assists Tennesseans with disabilities with their housing needs. Follow us on the path Home for the Holidays.