TNPathfinder Tools – Events for People with Disabilities: Autism

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Tennessee Disability Pathfinder’s website provides an array of resources for people with disabilities.  This month we’re highlighting specific events for people with Autism.  Here is a basic walkthrough of how you can find some of these resources to explore the many events in the community.

  1. Visit to start your search.
  2. You will be directed to the main page. To find the events you’re looking for click the events button at the top of the page.

  3. You will be directed to upcoming events.
  4. To narrow your search to find events that focus on Autism, type the word “Autism” into the “event search” box on the right of page. You can also narrow your search  by audience by selecting the drop down menu to select family caregiver, individual, or professional.  Additionally, users can also click on the specific month of events.

    Event Search Box image with dropdown

  5. The upcoming events will change to fit the search criteria.

You will find multiple autism-related events listed.  This demonstrates Pathfinder’s capacity to narrow down any search to help you find the best events that fit your needs.  Visit to explore more!