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How do I find an emergency alert device?


Hi, I am really concerned that my mom might fall and not be able to call for help. She does have a cell phone, but she doesn’t carry it around in the house or in the yard. She has had a few falls before, and luckily was able to get up. But she is 85 years old, and lives alone, and I’m just concerned. I have some friends who each had elderly relatives whose quality of life really deteriorated after a bad fall.

PATHFINDER: Great question!

While you might not be able to prevent a fall, there are a lot of ways that people can call for help. Pathfinder has added an Emergency Alert Device category which can be helpful when you are ready to start looking for options that might work for your loved one.

Here are the Emergency Alert Device providers in the Pathfinder database:

There are lots of features a device can have. Some are monitored by a person; when you push the button someone speaks to you and asks what you need.  Some devices automatically notify the person/s  you have chosen to contact, if your alert button is pushed. Some devices can call the police and fire department for you. Some even detect falls.  The costs may be covered by insurance plans, Medicaid waiver programs, purchased with private pay, or they may be part of a monthly subscription service.

Alternatively, some people use a smart speaker as an emergency back-up. However, there may be some limitations to utilizing this device if a fall happens when you are not close to the location of the speaker. Each person’s experiences with these types of devices may vary, so ensure that this device works for you and your needs.

Nevertheless, an emergency alert device does add a welcome measure of safety. You can use Pathfinder as you start researching the best option for your loved one.