Connecting to Technology

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Have you heard about Tennessee Tech Connect yet?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Assistive technology products can help promote well-being and independence by enhancing a person’s ability to learn, work, play, and otherwise lead healthy and productive lives. However, while technology has transformative potential for everyone, access to technology is vital for people who have disabilities.

In July 2023, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder expanded its website to make it easier for individuals with disabilities to access assistive and enabling technology resources. Tennessee Tech Connect, the new addition to a statewide website,, provides updated interactive features and a step-by-step guide that matches users anywhere in Tennessee with technology products and services to meet their needs.

Tennessee Tech Connect (TN Tech Connect), a collaborative program between Pathfinder and the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD), was developed to provide resource information on assistive technology (AT) and enabling technology (ET).

The goal is to provide a platform that connects individuals with disabilities to tools available to increase their capabilities.

The new feature on the website allows users to select specific technology outcomes as ways technology can help support them. Some examples of outcomes include communication, employment, daily activities, medication management, and so much more. After selecting an outcome, more specific solutions are available to choose from, which helps the user narrow down the exact technology that is needed. The user will also be able to select technology products and services that are available based on age and disability.

A new guide is now available to help users navigate this new feature on the website. It includes instructions and screenshots that walk them through each step. We are constantly adding new providers to our website to ensure there is a wide range of agencies represented and so individuals have access to all the technology resources.

We offer training to professionals and individuals who want to learn more about how to use the website

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