Innovating to Bridge the Neurodiversity Employment Gap

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Each October during National Disability Employment Awareness Month there is a focus in the U.S. to commemorate the impact that people with disabilities make in workplaces.  At The Precisionists, we value the amazing work and contributions our neurodiverse workforce is delivering all year long.

Much has changed in the workplace over the past few years in response to the effects of the global pandemic, as well as the recognition that a diverse workforce is vital for companies to succeed.  Embracing innovative and new ideas is critical for a company to continue to evolve, grow and prosper.  It was precisely the value placed on innovation that drove Ernie Dianastasis to start The Precisionists, Inc. (TPI) in 2016, and set a mission to create 10,000 jobs for individuals with developmental disabilities over the next decade, with a goal of creating 500 of these jobs in Nashville, Tennessee.

TPI Nashville Team

TPI is a national company which is focused on providing industry best practices for delivering administrative and technology services to our clients, such as UBS, Vanderbilt University and HCA here in Nashville.  What makes TPI’s approach innovative is that we utilize the talents of our employees, who work on teams comprised of both neurodiverse and neurotypical professionals to deliver on our projects with these clients.

TPI works in tandem on two primary business focus areas.  One where we engage with and meet each customer’s specific needs to deliver projects with the highest degree of productivity, and the other is employing neurodiverse individuals, a population who typically experience an 80% under or unemployment rate.

For our customers this means, TPI works to identify projects which would benefit from the unique skills and abilities that our employees possess, like attention to detail, pattern recognition, accuracy, and precision.  For example, when we initially partnered Vanderbilt University, we identified several project areas where we could provide support, such as in software programming and facilities management.  Since then, we have delivered these services successfully.

TPI Nashville Leaders

For our employees, we remove some of the barriers that many individuals with developmental disabilities face when seeking employment, namely foregoing the traditional job interview for candidates.   TPI instead has candidates complete a 3- or 4-week skills assessment and training program, where they can demonstrate their skills, motivation and ability to perform in our job roles.  Once hired by TPI, our employees work on blended teams and are supported when navigating challenges the professional workplace presents.

TPI also works closely with the Frist Center for Autism and Innovation in implementing “The Nashville Model”, a concept developed to demonstrate and disseminate the components necessary for a community to come together to create a robust series of pathways and opportunities that lead to meaningful employment for autistic individuals and that enhance the bottom line for area businesses.

At The Precisionists, we have found that once given the opportunity to work, individuals with diverse abilities, perform with a high level of productivity, are fiercely loyal, and maintain a great work ethic. We value these attributes and the performance our employees deliver to our client partners every day.

If you wish to explore employment opportunities with The Precisionists, please visit our website and complete a Statement of Interest form found on our careers page to begin your journey at